Dr. Foreva is a specialist in internal medicine, specializing in clinical psychology and numerous qualifications and psihoterapiya.This subsequent training in both clinical medicine and in terms of the psychological aspects of health and disease, it allows patients to consult different groups of patients.

  • Psychosomatic problems.

Psychosomatics is characterized by undue concern for their own health and unrealistic belief that physical signs and symptoms indicate a serious medical condition, although rational assurances that there is no such disease. To the patient is completely fixed on the functions of their own body. The most common symptoms are headache, back pain, back pain, fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, etc.. At such parties dominate health care at the expense of interpersonal relationships and activity. Individuals are emotionally engaged by somatic processes. Constantly seek medical attention. Even experts claim that lacks any disease, fear and belief that still exist.
View internist carried out by general medical health insured persons and only because a user fee, unless an exemption under the regulations.

Psychotherapeutic session lasts one hour. The first visit is free - to discuss problems and jointly negotiate with the client for the expected duration of treatment and its cost. These services are not covered by health insurance. 


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