The certifacated specialist in neurology -

E. Viteva, MD attends to patients from 14 to 18 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday


Health of the insured leaves practice due only to a user fee, except those exempt from it.
Services for a fee:
Ambulatory Review - 40 Levs.
Home visit - 50 Levs.
Long-term follow-up - negotiable.

Description of activity - medical specialty "Nervous Diseases" treats the following major sections neurological diseases: cerebrovascular, degenerative, inflammatory, demyelinating, and other extrapyramidal movement disorders, epilepsy, headaches and other episodic and paroxysmal disorders, sleep disorders, damage to roots , plexuses and peripheral nerves, polyneuropathy, diseases of the neuromuscular junction and muscle disorders of the autonomic nervous system, hereditary and congenital disorders of the nervous system, damage to the nervous system, diseases of the internal organs, endocrine diseases and intoxications, tumors and injuries of the nervous system , dementia, neurotic disorders.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test with the aid of which measures the electrical activity of the brain. On the head attach special sensors - electrodes that are connected to a computer. Computing device records the electrical activity of the brain, with Monitor or the paper can obtain information. Under certain conditions, such as seizures, altered the normal electrical activity of the brain.

In which case it is recommended conducting research?

  •      To diagnose epilepsy to determine the type of seizure. EEG is the most common and most important study affirm the diagnosis of epilepsy.

  •      To determine the extent of damage in loss of consciousness and dementia

  •      to check the chance of recovery after a change in consciousness


  •      to study sleep disorders


     To determine whether a physical problem with the brain, spinal cord or nervous sisteva or are a mental health problem

Is it necessary preparation?

tell your doctor if any medications piremate.

Do not eat and do not accept drinks sadarzhoshta caffeine - coffee, tea, cola, chocolate 12 hours before the survey

electrodes attached to the head, so the hair should be clean and not on her spray paint, gel, oils, creams or lotions, wash your hair with shampoo and water in the evening or morning before the survey, then do not put anything

to follow your doctor's instructions regarding the sleep you before and during the study

The survey is conducted in a specialized office and rely on specialist neurological diseases, with additional qualification in the study.

During the examination, you will be lying comfortably on his back, eyes closed, multiple electrodes are postavene head using a special hat. Follow the investigator. Conducting research takes one to two hours. Immediately following testing can perform normal activities.



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